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An outline of the history of the borzoi

Submitted by arvid andersen on Tue, 09/01/2020 - 20:09
An Outline of the History of the Borzoi This article was written in 1891 by Baron G.D. Rozen and was published in the journal Russkii Okhotnik. This material was graciously provided by Dr. Jim Sillers, who had the work translated and the resulting paper presented at the 1997 BCOA National Specialty and at the International Borzoi Conference in October 1998. Thanks Dr. Jim! In intending to write a historical essay on the borzoi, I must not fail to touch on the history of the dog in general. In this outline the reader will not find a comprehensive and detailed description of various breeds of [...]
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"Hunting with Borzois in Atkarsk"

Submitted by DanPersson on Sat, 08/29/2020 - 11:28
This story was written by Elena Badikova and published in the newspaper "Atkarsk News" Olga Zilberman published it and Andrus Kozlov commented on the article: "About Nikolai Mikhailovich Karakozovs dogs (1809-1866) and about the Borzoi Kosmach written in the book by L. Sabaneeva - so this is not a journalists fiction". Link to the book of L. Sabaneeva Aristocratic dogs Many people remember the scene of a hound hunt from the film "Peculiarities of the nationality of the hunt" Under the sounds of a hunting horn, a pack of elegant greyhounds drives a wolf through the snow, a hunter in a red [...]
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Lomovka Atkarsk

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