British artist Thelwell is famous for his cartoons of little girls and their big, fat [naughty] ponies.  His cartoons of them make many a person laugh with their detail, expression and absolute perfection of accuracy.  Thelwell also did a pen and ink of a little boy and his elegant, long striding Borzoi, depicted here.  This dog is apparently much better behaved than the fat, naughty ponies!!

Thelwell Borzoi


Barss Christmas
A 'real life' depiction of Marcia's holiday ...


Art from a story "The Yukon Trail", author Wm. MacLeod Raine, published 21 Mar 1918, The Times-Record, Blackwell Oklahoma. "Siberian Wolfhounds". Copyright 1907. Presented by Marian Broadhurst!


High Hatter
from Janestown Evening Journal, 1923